Wednesday, July 23, 2008

BuSy - tonite, today n now

hOw R ya??..
Hmm felt like its been a long time since i last 'wrote' to u!

ok, fine wit watsup wit me?
tonite..23rd of july..still tegar-ly sittin front of the laptop..searchin fer info!..
yeah...i dunno wat on earth do the lec gave us such tons of assignments...
dun they realize how hard fer us to search fer the thing they need???
hehe..maybe i just fergot dat my status is still STUDENT....uh!
but hey its "student-yang-membosankan" remember?

today, got only 2 classes...kewl am i!...till 11am..
gi ngan xaren jer..wan just both of us...hehe..funny things..asrul called us we???
i mean sape yang konpius xaren is a girl, or me looks like a man! LOL :P
ahhh...not a thing...we r good towards each other...GURIKKSS...!! thier mommas..wawawa~
then balik...TIDO..:)..yela..smlm x cukup tdo..kan??kan?? ;P

now, im still continuing my assignment...
bajet tido kul i hv another 56mins i gess..
pasni leh tdo....LAGIIII....
tomorrow hv another creative...
any ideas fer our vid? like never to far fer me...hehe

me : hate wat happen today! ivE tO stAnD Up N fErGeT 'tHiNgS'

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