Friday, July 04, 2008


yeah..n im gonna put 'tottally' in front of it!

'miserable' was at nadia's status. She wants to xpress her last day of work(practical)..

But it seem like these miserable thing refer to me!. Of coz nadia doesnt meant it to me coz she know none..but me personally terasa! haha~

then we have a lil chat. hmm.. as to xpress my unsatisfied feeling towards what am i 'tottally miserable' about..

the top of this conversation u go react towards ur *****?

yes, it serious! besides, im deadly doesnt wants to see 'em face EVER. i'll bet everyone does.

nadia_mizzkru : wat?
nadia_mizzkru: huhu..
nadia_mizzkru: xsonok tol..
nadia_mizzkru:nak g tndas pun jp gak kan..
nadia_mizzkru: wat donno jela..

ok, this frm my other fren...

arenz86 : buat x tau jek..
arenz86 :buat mcm x wujud jek

hmm simple answer i do think so 'wat dunno jer'..but do they think this 'wat dunno jer' gonna work??.. is that really simple as it words?...just put urself in my shoes!.... well, i dont mad at them, they were right...watpe nak lowat2 kan diri rite? wat pe nak tambah masalah? n who are they?!!

i shud think of mysev rite now..theres no time to think over sumbody yang tottally gonna give u problems..someone yang backstab u ..someone ..parasite!.....dats soooo much waste! dun give a damn..

another two days, n im goin back to SINTOQUE!.. im takin a flight(accidently) these sunday morning...cant wait to see my new room 3B314..with my ol buddy..suzane~ :)

ok norlen...take a deep breath...n move on!!

p/s: btw, the ***** refer to enemy..duh!~ huh, wat a waste to hv 'em my blog anyway!?

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