Tuesday, July 15, 2008

'there's must be something goes wrong somewhere'


1.20am in the morn...me cannot sleep. hmm wonder why.usually i'll be looking dead in bed at 12!

fer me..adnoorlen abu..several reason for not getting to sleep early..or cannot sleep at ALL! :

  1. over slept at noon

  2. got probs

  3. too naughty to get mysev sleep

  4. tired like hell

  5. assignmentzz makes norlen positively crazy

  6. me fallin in LUV <3>

ops~.. am i??? am i???.....

im married lar..haha...kidding...dats only in my fs status...:P..makes all my fren wondered...hehe..do they really think im gonna get married too early...??? me dont think so..naah ah!there's many things r not be achive yet. need to list out?. let me keep that till 1 day felt like i want to tell U!

playlist : lovefool - the cardigan.....(^_^)

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