Monday, July 07, 2008


yup..very tired!
2day is my 2nd day in kampus..i went back yesterday..
unpack things..mmg memenatkan.. i really dun like to unpack things..ambik kotak...bawak to 2nd floor..oh yeah..i dun mention. im move to 2nd floor dude! senior la katakan...sem 5..:).
how kewl is dat? ..tis my final year..happy n nerveous..too many though papers... pun i just dropped my audit paper n add penerbitan elektronik. oh GOD plz.. im not risk mysev if i got an option, right?. so i'l take audit next sem...with dayah! ( we hv promises!)
n believe me to add the paper is not an easy things to do. turun naik pejabat, gi lab,pejabat nih, pejabat tuh. hmm f.y.i penerbitan elektronik dah full..but thanks to MR. JIMMY, he let us take his class...hehe...
things got so well..but still 'hv sumthing' only noe why..but i dun care..:P
got new frens...dayah,aida,hana,forgot the name and zaa!..kewl haaa..??? luv it.

hope tis will be a good starts!

hmm ngantuk la.mebe im goin to continue tis later..ok..:) nak tdo sambil dgr music! <- dats me

playlist : when u look me in the eyes - jonas brother

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