Tuesday, March 31, 2009

taken from Ms dun noe who

Is there someone who meant a lot to you at one point, and aren't around anymore?
+ yer

Have you ever slept in a bed with the same sex?
+ yer

Are you keeping a big secret right now?
+ yer juga

Besides sleeping, what else do you do in your room?
+ online...cooking a bit...haha!...poyos...sume yang dimasak terpaksa dimakan! :P

Who do you live with?
+ famly

Are your parents protective of you?
+ yup..muchoz..

What actions do you do when you're really nervous?
+ hehe...silence...my hands gettin cold...and wat else...bside my muttering mouth...:P

Is money important to you?
+ now..indeed true..kalo x, takkan pasal duwit pun orang leh gado? camner nih? camner?!

How much time per day do you have to relax and be alone?
+ mostly everytyme..

Do you prefer to be around people, or by yourself?
+ both..just fine...hargailah pe yang ader..haha~..kat umah nnt ader banyak masa nak spend alone in my crib!

Do you think you'll get along better with your siblings when you get older?
+ yer...just enough gak...luckily we r only 3+1...:)..kalo ramai mesti i lupa 1 of them kot..:/

Does internet stories ever end in you sitting in tears at the computer desk?
+ yala.hahaha

Do you find yourself happy at this point?
+ contempted..what else do you need?..even im very particular on sumthing, tp agak2 ar!

What did you last cry over?
+ cry over sumthing thats already comes to an end...

Where were you two nights ago?
+ room..

How do you make your money?
+ berjual beli laah!

What is your favorite color?
+ no attach..my fave change...each year...:|

What color are your eyes?
+ dark2 brown...hee

Do you look more like your mom or your dad?
+ sum say im like my dad..n sum say i like my mum...n I say, I firm quite a bit like my dad..and beautiful like my mom...(-_-)...(^_^)

Do you like funny people or serious people?
+ depends..but i like to laugh....n adore serious people too..

What are some lyrics to the song you're listening to?
+ i hate this part rite here....

What jewelry do you wear ALL the time?
+ my ring n my bracelet...

What do you have planned for tonight?
+ sleep..tired of walkin dah nih...

If you could have one thing right now what would it be?
+ a perfect life...happily ever after...

Who makes you happiest right now?
+ my friends

What were you doing at midnight last night?
+ buat slide seminar's assignment...

Do you want to get married & have children?
+ absolutamente! 2 couple kids is enough rite...or make it twin!..:P

Whats the first thing you did after you left TODAY?
+ wuut? mandi?

How much money did you spend yesterday?
+ x kira la plak...

What are you doing this weekend?
+ having fun in YAB!!! yeay~

Who did you last get into an argument with?
+ hmm?sape ntah

Have you ever had a really big fight with a best friend?
+ yeaaaaa...

Have you ever wanted to bottle up a moment and save it forever?
+ it's already too late...gesso

If you had a choice to work or not, would you work?
+ work of coz...kalo x, i rather be at home skang and waiting for sum bunch of pakcik2 masuk minang jer...aiiyooo~

Ever truly wanted to kill someone?
+ if only i have a piece of mind with that...

Is there one person who can make you feel better no matter what?
+ one jer...i need more...

When was the last time you talked to your number 2?
+ aper? number 2?..how bout mr no one ..number 1..?

Is anything bugging you right now?
+ yesh.humm.

What's your favorite thing to eat?
+ thinking of lasagna now...tp dah ngantuk dah...nak tdo jer...



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Tuesday, March 24, 2009


That is the line Cyn spoke to me...

Last Saturday, we went out ..

just to hangout together since we are gonna miss each other very much after grad.

At first, Cyn drove, due to my condition ( trauma with the last accident & INCIDENT - a bit)

we took about an hour to arrive at Alor star!..haha~

i feel save with her driving...instead of mine..

but as we get to the town i have to take a lead..Cyn cannot go well with manual and afraid with traffic.

memang haru sikit..cuz i kept on reminded of my previous thing...but Cyn told me that was ok..and no big deal...they all trust me (Cyn and Julie)...

With a lil courage..(",)...'journey' went well..even sikit terhangguk2 and mati enjin..haha ( me dunno y!)

i thought the accident effected none to me ..

but somehow, i felt a lil bit strange when it comes to driving a car with someone...

though, this wasn't my 1st accident...actually the 4th..!

i remember the 1st time of accident, thats the one thing, i change my father's call ringtone to Britney Spears - Overprotected!..EVIL AM I?!. it was when i wants to went home from tuition class..(i knew it was my fault)...i didn't informed my family, that i have a sketch rehearsal that evening..and i have to go straight to tuition classes..but i was so busy, and forget to inform them. My father was so worried and called me many times while i was drove home, suddenly when i picked up the phone..and BAMM!!...i didn't recognized...i already hit the car...and totally that was a HIT to me...luckily i was all ok...and the car wasn't so bad...

the 2nd times is when im went to the public library. i was so bored that day, i can't study for my exam (trail SPM), my parent 'having' thier Umrah, so i have to stay with my auntie ( i can remember how i hate my food at that time - pathetic living child,kan)..so i went to the library for study. The parking lot was sooo limited so i have to pack my lil compaq...and tak perasan..actually me dah menyebabkan semua basikal and motorcycle di belakang tumbangggg...damn!...my car scartch a bit..and for 'safety' reason...me BLAH..balik umah...heee ..:D

(wait!...was that called an accident?..me think so..)

the 3rd ones, is when me and my sister just went back from pasar malam...we've been hit by a guy lookin like Ah Long or some anasir yang kureng...we re so scared that time ( even that wasnt our fault!)..the guy, siap ajak kitorang gi bengkel dia..we were afraid so we just ask for his number and leave...a bit stupid but our car doesnt look so teruk..so just settle...but a week after we recieve a called by him insisted to meet...and bermacam2 lagi....eeuuuww...so scarry...we were thinking is that Ah Long or Bapak Ah Yam..?

i remember my busu ..."kete nih memang xleh bawak...MAT 13.. " or MATI 3..


then my mom sold that car when im in matriculation...for the above reason..me certainly dun agreed..:...

the 4th accident was last february....and the incident suck and thought me a lot...sangat banyak..so i have to be very careful next time..in driving and choosing a friend too…

malas nak cerita lagi...(-_-)...

If all of that u said was true, I truly accept it..

But if it all because of money, just forget it!

put a stop and the dot!

HA!~..i have so many pengalaman dalam accident meng-accident nih kan....but the fourth ones was a very new experience to me...

For a record : terima kasih yer korang ..en zahar and own …tolong aku harituh.

Atau dalam bahasa jawanya…

terima kasih yo kue ..en zahar and own…nolong biyen

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Friday, March 20, 2009

another wish..FULFILLED!

Tadi petang time hangout, my mom called:

"Nor dapat surat interbiu SPA.." Belum habis cakap, aku dah celah excitedly..

"interbiu ape mak?"..sambil tersenyum2 kat budak jaga go-kart.

"interbiu pegawai khidmat pelanggan..3ohb nih" my mom jawab
"wah..pegawai khidmat pelanggan (sebenarnya tak tahu apa pun)...GRO???" me wat lawak bodo..yang memang jumud juga bunyinya..
tp my mom still laughed cynically at it.. "heh, operator lar!"

hmm..this was my 2nd called!..
1st is for pegawai tadbir..and dunno wat it was too...:D

sorry but i can't go to the interview..on 30th...

i'll give it another try...using my degree plak..hoccay?!

before we hung up:

"nor kat mana tu?"

(suspicious : my mom mmg ada kuasa psikik! )

" daknor nak main go kart ngan member..."

"jangan berjalan jer....bla..bla..bla...."

and the last word...."JANGAN SEWA KETE LAGI!"

"hehe...mak...Daknor dalam kampus lagi..."

my butt felt like stuck nih!! hehe

peace out!..:D

*strike from the list!

Monday, March 16, 2009

see those shoe!

it's yellow..thank you...:)

Saturday, March 14, 2009

habis sudaaah~

our seminar's project is over today.
glad tho.
the project, i might say..it was ok..85% satisfaction.
luckily it's went all through quite well.
is just that i got so emotional on muhasabah(rite?) diri, instructed by enche zahar...kuang asam!
felt so shame and kiddy (in front of the kids plak tuh baru nak belagak macho)!..
i just should stay out of the hall that time...huuuu~
but en zahar already apologized to what he did..(egoisticly~)
and own also..having great time,making fun of me..."hey own!!!..papan,daun terbang,papan skateboard,ape lagi..ape lagi?!!" (HARHARHAR....seperti yg dipinta :P) tapi takpe..since he lifted me to the college this evening (and selalunya)..i should tenkiu2...(-_-) -tapi ingat ia bukan setakat ini sahaja (o_O)..huh!

now, we just wait for the post-mortem,will be held this coming seminar's class
surely, it will going so much things to say about...
as i be in the project..there's so-so-soo many things i heard..
dissatisfaction, complaints...more..
"banyak orang banyak ragam" - salah satu column dlm majalah wanita my mom dulu2..:D
hmm...just wait...

we've been put so much effort for this project
hope our carry marks also will be as good as our effort does
it was a very joyful experiece to have even we hardly to get a rest (and my beauty sleep!)
working till 5 in the morn, busy at noon...crazy hectic!
friends making jokes, playing cards (alamak!), karokae-ing, gossiping-to be loyal!
ween was right..we were going to miss this things when we were done..
truth! im just miss it now...
just felt, its kinda boring to just stay in the room..doing none.
tetiba teringat kat cyn...hangout yok?!..tp me dah palestine!
waaa~ what a life!!

theme song: ABBA -money,money,money

souvenir made for VIP's me got 1!!!

* 3 pimples came out...i dunno since when im so scared about pimple...but now...i did!!!!
  PIMPLES???!!!! aaarrggghhh..rasa nak wat free fall!

Tuesday, March 10, 2009


one of the reasons, why im went back to my hometown.He's just so cute, isn't he?


is just 4days of holidays now i have to get back to my routine..
arrived at 6.30am to the college (went home)...at 9am something, 
ween called "u get ready,i'll fetch u,help me buying some stuff"..
i was like, luckily i get some sleep, at least 2hours.kalo x...JANGAN HAREEEP!! (stail sheila rusli dlm TAIN)
" alrite, u wait up for me...30mnts"
she's "no,no...i'll give u 1hours!"...
haa...thanks GOD then....xnyempat2!!!

ok about 30mnts
me: weh, dah gerak msg aku.
ween: alrite...tunggu tempat biasa,nnt aku miskol..

(-_-)..1hour later..
me: popi (means kakak in hindi) , lamenyer bersiap...
ween:jap la popey, aku duk ready nak angkat printer ni...

about 1hour++ later...then she came...we all go...
actually we have rehearsal for seminar (my course subject)..today..
so my day day today...booked out...!
went to college..abt 6pm...
huuuu....LOTIH (dunno where the words came from...)

URRRGGGHHH...hate it...but...BEAR WITH IT...
it's all MARKS...our MARKS...!


my 4days of holiday...GREAT...
spendin' short holiday..far more greater...
but 1st of all..me want to thank my MOM...madamoislle TUMY MADY (nama glamer)...
for celebrating  our birthday ( me-22, my sis-25, n lil bro-20)....
thank you so much, eventhough i've make so much(exponen18) trouble here...
you always there for me....hmmmmmmm (felt like crying...uuuu~)
thanks for the ikan bakar yer...hehe...sayang mak! <3

thanks MOM!

my sis also went back..for having family time together..
it was so fun..gathered all together...
eating mom's cooking...
hangout n chill together...
gossipping and telling stories....
and of course...playing and hugging my lil nephew!!!

                      customers2...       en pojan,mom,sis     shera n bro

                          lil bro    mom n sis                            play with Darwisy

playful bro n his son 

-@ikan bakar - so full,its sunday anyway!-

-@uptown melaka...me baru nak gi berjudi..HA!-

gonna miss the happy day,here....:)
it was so fun...

hey its me...'POOH' in TIGGER's suit....hehe~

p/s :hmm baru taw..aku nih tak berbakat mengambil gambar....(o_0)

Sunday, March 01, 2009


KIM BHUL YUNG.. (a.k.a BUYONG nama melayu)

hot mamas yang setiap semester akan melahirkan cahaya mata kepada beberapa ekor kucing comel...tapi semuanya berakhir dengan kematian disebabkan kim bhul yung tidak mempunyai sijil untuk memelihara anak..

tapi, dia memang seekor kucing yang cantik..mata dia...ummphh! bisa meluruhkan bulu kucing  jantan lain,...and the thing goes the same...anak kucing each semester or setiap six months!

tapi..murah-murah dia pun...aku tengok dia happy ngan kemurahan itu..and tak pernah nak menyusahkan laki2 dia...(as the male menghilangkan diri seperi norma biasa mereka)...nyusahkan kucing lain..."aku pregnant, so what?"

setelah hampir beberapa bulan enggak ketemu, td malam aku jumpa gak dia...dan berbadan dua.. LAGI!?

              "aku kucing yang bebas"

no flash please...

       comel kan perut dier...

tu jer aku nak cte.