Wednesday, April 29, 2009


my 81st post
the 14th post of the month
another 19 posts before the 100th post
2 more post possibly before getting more posts of the month

This month was like my friend said "very active", posting something on the blog.
hmm let see...
it just another 2 days (not a few hours) before i left UUM..
my campus life is OVER..tottally~
crazy meh? feelin' it...
akhirnya "aku men-drop kan diri ku dari U" (ween always said this!)
yup, she already did...droppping herself from the university..:)

Yesterday, im just posting 2 boxes contains of clothes n my cooking thingy..
afraid of getting overload in my mother's car...
this evening my mom sms-es me " Tak sampai pun kotak,nor?"
me "blum laa, dia bagi masa sampai 1 minggu. Baru semalam hantar..."

my family will come on the 30th...
but i think i couldn't make it on time..
ive to sit for my last paper, strategik comm and have to meet my penyelia and sort...
so i've made a reservation for them to stay in EDC..hotel..for a while.
maybe im going back on the next day...
besides, my sis-in-law told, she wants to visit her relatives in perlis
( too bad, i never come to their house even everytime we met they invited me !!! - MALU LAA)
and my mom wants to shop at padang besar..(that's why i've to post my boxes!)

Suddenly thinking why is it everything so sudden - lawey! what am i saying??
back years,me and my x-friend, always grumble something like " what the hell are we here??"
we just dunno..
almost everyday, there must be something that doesn't suits us...
itu laa..ini laaa.. almost everything...!
if we had to compare..

well, now i know, not everything have to be compared...
each and every has it own uniqueness and value...:)
Days goes by and im started to love this place..hehe...poyolar ayat 'saya'...kan~

i wanted to drive a car in here (since 2nd semester!)..but my mom doesn't allow me to..
walaupun bermacam2 ugutan dilakukan..dan bermacam2 alasan diterima..
so frustrated...but now, im just realised that im going to miss that road i went thru everday-almost, "romantic road!" - we called.
yeah the road was so romantic , the trees, the flying leaves,the bridge..
and if i get lucky..i'll be together on the same road with 'ALTIMET'! :D..isn't that romantic!?
The day i said 'hi' to him, was at subaidah - lepaking...he smiles and said 'hi' to me back.
itu pun dah make me so fly..:D...of coz la because my objective fulfilled, and i hardly speak to the people i quite 'like-like'..and i did!!
but.."kenapa ngan mata dia tuh?!!"....urrrgghhh~

Oh yeah, my objectives - Things To Do In UUM Before Graduate
Kenya was right, my objectives tak sampai!
but, you see obviously it's 57% success! just running out of time...
so benda2 lagha mcm ini x dapat dilakukan tepat (cognitive disonance!)
it's ok, remember...graduate...and im not graduated yet..technically...;D


Gonna Miss Everything,here...

Saturday, April 25, 2009


1.Who is someone that can always make you laugh?
= a lot..kalo x, xnak kawan..hehe
2.What were you doing at 10am this morning?
= just wake-up from bed...recieved free topup! yippie...~ rejeki2...
3. What were you doing an hour ago?
= hafal-ing and membaca-ing ADS...sok exam!
4. Do you plan on moving within the next year?
= certainly not..
5. What are you looking forward to in the next 3 months?
= having in a great condition and situation while doing my internship
6. Do you remember your dreams?
= yup...still...(the drawing i made while in matriculation)
7. Do you sleep with a teddy bear?
= she's not a teddy bear! she's a cat!
8. What is the last movie you watched?
= knowing..oh yeah..kal ho na ho...:D
9.Do you have your future children's names picked out?
= not really..
10.What brand is your computer printer?
= Lexmark 4 in 1 yang buruk lagi berhabuk tu...dah pack dah pun..
11.Who was your Kindergarden teacher?
= Zahara ...i gess ..
12.Are you taller than your mom?
= tallest categories i think...:P
13.Do any of your close friends have kids?
= yup..
14.How many years older and younger than you are you willing to date?
= younger..mebe not...older dun mind...but not oldest la..
15.What is the closest red object to you?
= my ADS notes...
16.Do you play games on your cell phone?
= no...
17.Do you look more like your mom or dad?
= repetitive question nih...
18.Do you have an iPod or Mp3 player?
= aku mishkin!
19.If someone doesnt like you its probably because:
= they just stupid. i dunno. ADE AKU KESAH?
20.Who was the last person in your bedroom?
= wiya..kachak...
21.What are your plans for this weekend?
= study...n balik melaka dahhh...waaaa~.
22.Have you ever crawled through a window?
= never try la plak.........
23.Do you always wear your seatbelt in the car?
= yup, and dats make my best bud and sis wierd.Alooo, x takot JPJ keee??? ( jawapan bowdow tp skempos aku)

Friday, April 24, 2009

Bollywood Movies

After being persuaded by my rumet since last semester,
now i let myself watching it..
although it took me 3times (i gess) to finish one movie..(and not finish yet)
but i try laa yer....hehe
i've been thought since we were a mom will change the TV's channel, if there is bollywood movies on showed....wasting time,she said. So we get natural with that...
but i remember my father, was a biggest fan of bollywood (ol skool nyer laa)..
he will sang-a-long with the music-that tickles...:D

believe me, i never watch hindi movie 'affectionly' (heh)
and even if i did, i'll never knew what was the end, cuz i already fall asleep.
or sometimes i forget that actually im watching it - cause it takes too long!!!
all my friend eagerly want me to watch till the end, but maybe the song or the whatever the cause might be, became the reason for me to sleep!

tipu la kan, i never watch kuch2 hota hai?
yup, i did watched it...but the things was the same...
i'll get bored, and suddenly, im forgot that im actually watching it..
besides i dun like the actress too..

kal ho na hoo...forgot what is that words means....( i know, i am so yesterday,aite?!)
it is something like what will be, will be? am i right?
or...did something, live your life to the fullest?
urrgghhh..wutever! wutever! rumet just told's mean...mungkin besok ada lagi...:D

nice movie
good theme song also
now i know why people loves Shah Rukh Khan
handsome gentleman...and the other guy also...and the girl as well, quite pretty
so maybe im going to watch it till the end...even it took me 2 days now..(-_-)


megaclassic888 : x pe nti blik kita sembang panjang eh
elen_kewl : oklah
megaclassic888 : ader bnda abg nk bincang
megaclassic888 : ngn non <----(aku tak ngaku)
elen_kewl : hehe...ape ? masalah negara ker
megaclassic888 : ala sebok je la
megaclassic888 : nti balik la
megaclassic888 : u niiiiiii
elen_kewl : penting?
megaclassic888 : huiiiiiiiiiiiiiii
megaclassic888 : penting wooooooooooo
elen_kewl : oooo
elen_kewl : tentang?
megaclassic888 : klo x ckp ni kira bleh wat cerai la gak
megaclassic888 : aduhhhh
megaclassic888 : nti2 la
elen_kewl : gapo dia nih
megaclassic888 : nti blik abg ckp
elen_kewl : ceraii ape nyer
elen_kewl : nak mampos
elen_kewl : hahah
megaclassic888 : hahahahahaha

elen_kewl: repot addelen noor! <---( ni jer modal aku)

huh..i wonder ape jer laa my bro-in-law to be nih nak discuss about....
nak SYCHOPATH aku laa tuh....
but that leaves me with question mark...even there's too much q's in my brain right now
but i know there must be something..he never tells if there is nothing...
hmmm can't wait!
maybe he wants to propose my sister????!!! heee...


*Slumdog Millionairre, is a great movie afterall - and i watched it till the end.

Thursday, April 23, 2009

next wishes - fulfilled....! on top of the world....heeee

poie pokan...

bond..ji bon..

watashi adnoorlen desu! konbanwa, kochirawa suzane-san desu..!

let's strike from the list!

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

overcome my flaw

yaaaaassshhh!!! you go LEN! (^_^)

Sunday, April 19, 2009

gib me mo water

panas nyer malam nih....
susah nak tido...

i already thought i've been suffering from insomnia...
but actually was about the weather...
it was really hot these couple days...
i can't hardly sleep at night yesterday...
and almost felt dehydrated!!!...

thought im going to die cause of the heat.......................................lame!

dun't luk et stressed out!

Thursday, April 16, 2009

a week ++ in YAB

" terima kasih korunk"

IM having so much fun when living 327 portion A ..i ges :)

thanks to shekin (my YAB's rumet)...for the room..and double bed!..mmg syok tido..hehe

and the coffee mix plus chocolate..(sedap)..for stay up late....the day before audit's exam..

but i sleep gak kan...:P...can't help it!

best hangout dengan yall semua...

ween,chick,kira,nuyu,zaa,fiza..thanks!..heee...gonna miss the memory there....

sorry for the long stay...:D

but i just a time..i already miss my rumet...and my friends in tradewinds.....:)

and my bed ..tho...

if there's a time, i'll lepak2 sana again...ok..kita urusutran lagi....heee~

Saturday, April 11, 2009


Semoga ADNOORLEN ABU berjaya menghadapi exam final yang akan diambil pada 15, 21, 27 dan 30 hb april ini...dan lulus dengan cemerlang di saat2 akhir ini...4 flat untuk ADNOORLEN dan gambatte2 untuk beliao!

hehe...thanks yall.... (-_-)

cabaran utama beliao:
-tido sebab tension
-tido sebab terlebih berangan
-tido lagi...
-tido sebab pengsan tengok notes
-pure2 tido..
-dan tidop.

Wednesday, April 08, 2009


This morning,
late morning......


at noon
Marie got new friend...


in the evening

a nigger with his adopted english son...:P

wakakakakaka....~ sorry bro!


haha~...really sentap for 3 of us today..
the rest kept guessing...what the sentap is all about...
sentap here means...surprise!! huu~

td petang we all went for movies...

we arrived early that evening..the movie starts at 9.30pm...
so we takes some times to enjoyed a bit...
drinking cow's milk ( ween's idea...both of us just a first timer..)
karaoke-ing jamban while waiting for his uncle...
and a lil bit urussutran...huhu~
we went to photo shop to take some passport photo for our grad transcript ..
stupid photo cannot be printed...virus???! nak bakar jer kedai tuh..promised to us for come back after about a half hour but...dah tutup awal after we came back...dah tuh kata komputer kene virus!

chick and me..funny girl dia nih!

we karaoke-ing...what duyya think me sang??? :D

susu lembu baik dari ladang...!

me, awien, and chick....together with awien's uncle and his friend..Cikgu ape ntah...:P
before that...thanks to her uncle for treated us dinner and muvie tix...:)
we want to watch..KNOWING.... his uncle already settled it all...
we totally disagreed to what Sarens said....KNOWING indeed great la Sarens..."u better drop from....." (hehe)

the story was great..a lil mixed feeling while watching it...
but like cikgu doesn't touched him as much as armageddon did (yelar...u cakap banyak while watching kan cam ner nak concentrate....) uups~

ok..lemme tell about the story..
it's about end of the world, aliens,belief thangs...
nicholas cage plays a role as a father to his boy, caleb(the chosen ones) who doesnt belive in ..."everything happen for a reason" thing, after his wife dies..
until his son find a letter (a number wrote by Lucinda) buried for 50years - for her elementary school event.
the number is actually, a date,gps data,and a total fatal of global disaster...
Lucinda..have a gift for it..and suffer for life! (wondering how cud she had a daughter then)
his father (nicholas cage) found out, after he curiously thinking sumthing fishy about the letter full with number his son brought back...
it was really frightening to watch when an alien (looking like jay manuel) comes to the kids...
(me hide behind chick for rescue...cuak aku nak tgk alien datang!! - hehe...)

and actually the aliens was a protagonis in the story..
caleb, was a chosen ones to be taken by an aliens to the new world...after the world end...
plus, it also scary to watch the disaster that about to come...
the time nicholas cage knew that was the detail about the disaster...and there a number of date left..he seeks for a help...
the airplane crash front of his eyes, the train smash in the subways...really real....!
it ended with a world was about to finish by the heating of the sun...that makes the world burned!...
"it's an end"..."i know"

we don't know how many sentap we said....for it.
but really sentap is all about today....
aliens datang..sentap..
airplane crash..sentap...
lucinda nyer muke....sentap...
the forest burned...sentap...
train crash..sentap...
diana sleep pun sentap!..haha...
her uncle and his friend looking so 'sentap' to us...
dunno what we sentap about...:D

sentap mmg sentap...
kan sentap???
har har har

today's learning : berkata 'sentap' sambil meletakkan tangan dengan lembut di dada                         yer....SENTAP!!

Tuesday, April 07, 2009

Friday, April 03, 2009


aves vetebrate..

**Even the flying bird can FALL**

Thursday, April 02, 2009


In an island, all the feeling lived.

One day there was a storm, the island was about to drown..
Every feeling was scared but LOVE made a boat to escape...
Every feeling get on the boat, one feeling was missing..
LOVE got down to see who it was..
It was EGO...

LOVE tried and tried...
But EGO wasn't made to move,
At last...LOVE died with EGO


Wednesday, April 01, 2009

Marie n Me