Monday, August 17, 2009

Think we gonna make it?

Boon boon: what u doing there?
elen_kewl: hehe editing pic and converting vid for *** **!
elen_kewl: SICK!
Boon boon: hehe
Boon boon: put virus into it
Boon boon: bagi her kena virus
elen_kewl: where arrr to find virus
Boon boon: online search 'sex' then sure got
Boon boon: hebat lagi
elen_kewl: sex?
elen_kewl: then got lain pula..hehe
Boon boon: u try, type sex video and ssave in the pen drive
Boon boon: she sure very hapi 1
elen_kewl: crazy laa lor
Boon boon: haha
elen_kewl: then habis my laptop nanti!!!
Boon boon: u direct save into pendrive then pass to her la...
Boon boon: all virus masuk her pc, and u format ur pedrive later la
elen_kewl: then she'll find all the porno images laaa
elen_kewl: kantoi me nanti
Boon boon: hehe
Boon boon: then u do so, when we last day lo
Boon boon: or pass the pendrive to her said is for her punya hadiah
Boon boon: like this she will remember u in this whole life
elen_kewl: great idea BOON!!!!!....
elen_kewl: pray for me to do it!
elen_kewl: hahaha ..liao!
Boon boon: yaya

Boon boon: we support u
elen_kewl: r u really that serious ha?
elen_kewl: i think arr if we want to buat jahat
elen_kewl: better when we out from here laa
Boon boon: yaya
Boon boon: we e-mail virus to her
Boon boon: then that is free 1
elen_kewl: haha....we'll do it!!!
elen_kewl: gimme five!
Boon boon: yup
Boon boon: hehe...
elen_kewl: really big head laa that women
Boon boon: she always like lion
Boon boon: halimau
elen_kewl: ya lor....she merely lion!!
elen_kewl: halimau..halimau!!
Boon boon: hehe
Boon boon: later u put her pic online and the title is the most unreasonable women in this world
elen_kewl: ya..ya...thats another gr8 idea...
elen_kewl: unreasonably lioness women!
elen_kewl: haha
Boon boon: hehe
elen_kewl: later on we tell matun abt our project
elen_kewl: biggest project
Boon boon: yup
Boon boon: she will hapi sangat
elen_kewl: sure did!

Long story huh??.. i knew...(-_-)..
Suddenly im thinking about my mom's computer....memang full with viruses!
This became our biggest project now....bile nak implement??


Sunday, August 09, 2009

Things that make me feel like want to MAKI!

Just now , im preparing my resume and certificates for my interview tomorrow..
so i log in to UUM portal to search for my university transcripts...
and guess what...

to make it clear
i cannot view my result!


Saturday, August 08, 2009

my unintended experience.....:)

lega nyer~!

at last, i took the PTD's exam this morning~
hmmm...i just try my luck.. didnt put much hope on that.
it all start when we dunno what to put in SPA list..hehe...

middle in the month of July, i'd recieved 2 SPA letters...
1st is an interviewed for pembantu undang-undang ( i never applied for that)
2nd is 'invatation' to attend PTD's special exam (my 2nd SPA's choices)
the 2nd ones i called ..saje-nak-carik-pasal...huhu
even I knew the exam about a month before, still i don't read any..till the day before the exam
adalaar google peperiksaan PTD and got some clue/tips there..
thanks GOD, the tips are quite mengena...:)
thanks to the blogger-dunno-who.

PTD..i just pick it up when filled in the SPA online form on June.
its all starts by En Pojan...he wants to become PTD, but yet still dun apply.
so i knew a lil bit ...and of coz then i knew how to become a duta ( yg digilai sejak jaman persekolahan..heh)
and then En Zahar...hmmm....he very passionate about it..
me? ..haaaa......just nak experience...i might say...:P

at first, i thought i just pass it up..
cuz i aint ready yet...and malas
ye laa....i have mentally prepared..besides...what the hell laa sme nih kan??
I dun really have interest on these...
but since everyone around me, pushing and encouraging me to go for the exam and try my best, then i was like....'ok-give a try la..i pun experience gak'
so...last night i studied laa mcm nak gile...(kononnya, sambil watching TV!)..and tertido bersama lamtom...puloooook!...(-_-)
early at 7'oclock i prepared mysev and before i went..i reminded my mom ( for her not to put much hope on me).."Mak, if daknor rasa xleh nak jawab, daknor balik jer yer.." hehe...ticket SELAMAT!....

i sampai jer kat Melaka Mall (the examination tooks there)...the Mall still closed...
i wonder...'buka ker Mall hari nih?"..cuz i heard Melaka Mall is closed due to H1N1...
but's open already but i have to 'climb up' the stairs to get to the 3rd electrical this early morning! hape jer...
the exam consists 5 parts..all took about 45mnts to 1hour each and we have 30mnts gap between each part...i told mysev if i cudnt make it..then i just give it up..n move back...but...part 1 goes to 2nd part...3rd part...4th..and last paper...hee...:P
at 4 pm i went back early ( after getting headache with english essay!)...
so far, i think is easier laa if you read a lot ( of coz!)
i dun have much time..besides i get sleepy easily when it comes to history..uurggghh such a waste laa...really...the question is...aaaahhh~
xnak pikir lagi...what DONE is DONE...doooiing!

later, these evening my sis law and me had planned to go shopping...
she's got 30% discount on PADINI's...
so we went shopping - with MASK... since the 'tendency' to shop is higher than ever....:D
well...habis sudah elaun ku...(^_^)..
but im satisfied...i got what i wants...a white pump shoes and white handbag....luv it!
i going to wear it for this monday morning for my another SPA's interview...
i already took a im not coming to the office!!..
hehe..sonoknyer....TAK keje!!!!

** i hope my interview goin to be well (-_-)...AMIN!