Wednesday, October 21, 2009

" I suggest you to go for surgery.."

That is what my dentist said to me when i met her for my teeth check-up!

my wisdom teeth the age of 22nd daa~...
the pains, it 'HURT' - believe me (i cried inside taw...haha- ini tipu!)...
i sleep a lot these few days...just to make me forget about the pain.
otherwise my mum and sis can't resist to hear my complaints....huhu...
and the medicine -antibiotics,pain killer doin none to my body system..
but still, I ask my mom to get it more for me at the hospital...
mentally think its still useful..
although i knew it doesnt help much..

i went for a dentist yesterday..
the doctor said, i must go for the surgery..after she showed me the xray film of my teeth.
i have to remove the teeth....the misaligned teeth...(KENAPEEEEE!!!)
so i might not have my wisdom teeth next week.. (-_-)
some ppl said, to have a wisdom teeth means u've come to mature level..means u r matured..
but then...can i consider myself mature here? - the tooth should be extract!

but then...i dont want to live in pain.......
at first i refused to go for surgery..common is just a teeth..isnt that bad?
but..IT IS BAD indeed...the doctor said...if the tooth is not drawn now, it will always bring pain. the right desicion should be made.....
on 27th Oct...i will undergo 1st surgery...tooth surgery! ;D damn afraid laa right now...
dunno how it going to be...
but hope the surgery will be running smoothly
and I can still live happily ever afterr...(haha! cam fairy tale plok!)
uuuuukkkkkkkk (-_-')


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