Saturday, May 29, 2010

Usher - OMG

Saturday, May 22, 2010

Riverbug : White Water Rafting & Caving (Gopeng)

White Water Rafting*

Caving @ Gua Tempurung*

*gambar diatas hanya hiasan semata-mata. Masih menunggu gambar adventurous sebenar dari pihak riverbug, cewah! =P

Hey, I knew cerita ini like so yesterday. But, I nak this memory in my beloved blog jugak. okeh!
Remember about what I told on the previous post. Ha, sekarang baru I dapat masa nak recall back the memory. A bit busy, lately!
Yeah! I'm ready! Let's go~

Ok. As I told before, I'm fu**ingly excited bout this trip. I want to do the best like H**l yeah!. Don't want to be like cheeesy busuk like when Im in Lumut. So like baby besar.okey~For me, trip ni memang the best trip I went. So much fun.We had fun. Enjoy. Adventurous. I'm totally loving it.

It took us to Gopeng about 3hours from Cyberjaya. I don't even remember. I slept in the bus. haha. Then to 'get into' the Adeline Rest House, (our accommodation)we all semua kena naik atas lori. I highlight lagi - Naik atas lori! Hella much fun. I never felt so excited, but we did ride a lorry! ;)

atas lori,ok.

at Adeline Rest House, bergambar jap :)

Our room/hut - forget the name already. Accommodate only 2 people. Me with Zatul (Great8)

The instructors also great. Give fully support on me (yang memang takut air!). I dunno, am I that bad when comes to these watering thingy.. I felt like, gila takot tengok air deras kat sungai tuh. Luckily, I passed the body rafting - with the help of instructor-s! ;)

getting ready for body rafting..(arggh! stomach butterflies!)

can I consider myself as water-phobic?

We have to do the body rafting, before the white water rafting. I'm still shaking at the time. But luckily I have such a fun group, grateful to be in the group. We called ourselves 'KAMI' with weird tune. I'm so happy bila buat white water rafting and hampir terlupa yang I nih paranoid and mabuk , sebab they all ni lawak2 gile...hehe...

Is just I'm a bit bengang because they didn't told us about capsizing the boat. Punya I terperanjat, bayangkan I tak boleh berenang tiba-tiba boat purposely being capsize!!! memang walauuu-pon kan?! Nasib baik ada Johnny(bukan nama sebenar) tolong I sampai ke dasar. Tapi memang funny giler, my feet doesn't touch the river bed! padahal yang lain semua leh berdiri dalam air tuh yer....danggg~ malu!

let's recall : Fiq (Great8), Anim,Fiza(Great8),Me,Lea & Johnny-bukan nama sebenar.(Great8)

Then, at night we all ada BBQ. Memang Food Heaven lar!. Macam-macam makanan, banyak giler, I makan. I also dapat taste special soup kat sana - Bamboo Soup. The taste? Cukuplar, sekadar satu sudu kot!..cannot go!~~

After that we have a small sketch, by each group.Memang pecah perot tengok gelagat they all. Semuanya best-best!;)
BBQ & lil sketch nite.

The next day, We all have to do Caving at Gua Tempurung. We have to went there by lorry also.hee~. Gua Tempurung, my 1st visit there. So unique. The instructor showed us many things inside. The best part - is not just walking inside the cave. We need to slide down (love it), crawl underneath the small hole stalactite like a crocodile! Waktu caving I memang interested the most la!. :)

In the cave!

It's only takes two day for these. memang rasa tak puas. We all nak lagi. Tapi, wattudu...esoknya kene kerja dah. haha....pulangla kami ke cyber...

sebelum pulang. amik gambar dengan lori dulu. :)

Before naik bus. Bye2 to all the instructors. Nanti2 kami datang lagi yer.hee

-promote start-
To know more about our journey,
click here for White Water Rafting or here for Caving @Gua Tempurung.
Surely ...ya'll pun mesti terasa nak pergi! :)
-promote end-

Tuesday, May 18, 2010

Carut! Mencarut!

I suka 'mencarut - carut' dalam blog I nih.
I addicted.
Kalau tak 'mencarut' dalam nih rasa tak puas.
Sekarang pun, I cari masa nak update.
Tapi macam takde masa.

Sekarang, bila dah kerja.
I kena 'mencarut' untuk kerja-kerja office.
I macam dah takda idea.
nak 'carut' apa?
I buntu.


Friday, May 14, 2010

Thank God It's Friday.

urggh..hari ini rasa macam tak best. Down giler.

T.G.I.F...I'm going back to my hometown tonite..!!


Sunday, May 09, 2010

Something That I've Learned.

2 days in Gopeng. Someone just told me :
"kadang-kadang kita kene percayakan orang....blabla..."
the word is ItalicTRUST.

I never realized, until he told me that. Seem like it's been so long.

These evening, my friend-Raj tagged me with these. So closed to what I'm thinking right now.

credit to them.
Think I have to re-arrange my brain's drawer back.

Friday, May 07, 2010

Will be away, AGAIN.

Sekarang saya sedang menaip entry dalam keadaan yang agak busy.
Jadi saya akan melakukan dengan cepat!

Now, Sekali lagi buat julung-julung kalinya, I akan melakukan aktiviti yang adventerous lagi advance. I bukannya dah memupuk minat ye dalam aktiviti-aktiviti begini. Tapi atas dasar tanggungjawab, urmmm....?, akan ku pergi jua..(-_-)

I'll be going for: (sila baca sendiri)

There will be Building Dynamic Team for GREAT trainees. The details are as below:

Venue : My Gopeng Resort, Gopeng Perak

Date : 8th and 9th May 2010 (2 days 1 night)

Time : Punctual @ 7am- Saturday (to be at Cyberview Guard House)

Please wear proper attire for the activities: T-shirt, pants, sport shoes (Crocs are not recommended), sun glasses and a cap. Expect to get wet and dirty. Please bring extra cloth.

Your attendance is compulsory!

Tak perlu baca penuh. Cukup la, baca ayat paling bawah sahaja.

I nak buat gila-gila. Bukan gila ape yer. Gila-gila di sini merujuk kepada I'l try very HARD on it.More dari yang lepas. I pun nak jadi adventerous gak. YEAY!!

okay. Cukup setakat ini.

Tuesday, May 04, 2010

Belajarlah dengan kehidupan nih, PLEASE!

Betul tak? Kene belajar untuk hadapi kehidupan walaupun selalu yang berlaku entah HAPE-HAPE! Belajar ler!!

Urgh, benci la...kenapa laa selalu kena jadi macam ini? Penat, tau! I pergi sana-sini, I experienced macam-macam perangai orang,-
I thought I dah betul-betul tahu macam mana nak kenal seorang manusia.


manalah orang-orang funny around me kan? I just need to laugh. real laugh.
fikir macam, lama tak merasa nak gelak besar.berdabel-dabel. tersepet-sepet. senak perut. Tengok video birthday faiz tadi, rasa happy. Bestnye dapat kawan-kawan macam dulu.

*Memang Maslow's Hierarchical of needs tu, betul. Urmm, nasib baik ada music.

Sunday, May 02, 2010

You Better Work!


Hi! Good Sunday everyone :D

I tak tahu nak buat apa atas katil pagi-pagi hari ini. Lepas tengok video beyonce kat youtube, I rasa I nak post entry baru dalam datinisme ini. Bosan agaknya. Haiishh!

NO-lar, actually I nak story pasal environment baru yang I dah rasa sekarang ni. Hehe.
After about a month, we all (G.R.E.A.T) di trained tentang soft-skills and all the adventurous thing. Now, we all ditempatkan or assigned at every company under Cyberview Sdn Bhd. I was under IX TELECOM, It was network provider company and I'll do Public Relation there. SENYUM SAMPAI TELINGA.okay.

I love it. Public Relation. I wanted so much in life! (too much kan?). Okay, I wanted so much in life, now!. I gembira gila, bila dapat post nih. The best thing is, I'll be my own boss since there is no PR in the company. But, the least best thing(cannot say x best) was, I still blur. Yelah, I takde guidance. Have to standalone (like Mr Helmi said). Now, If somebody tell me what I'm doing right now, I might say - 'Saya tengah baca buku PR, you ada buku yang related tak?'.

I'm gonna attached the pictures of my office. Mesti y'all surprise like every of my friend did. They will ask like "Weh, korang keje ke gi pub?" or "Cam dalam disko je" or "Clubbing eh?"(dengan baju kurung laa?). Yes, this is my environment now. Cantik. I Suka. I digg this. All white. :)

Jangan cari kat mana I.

BoldThe disco ball, over my head. KEWL kan.

I up-close lagi. hee~

The workstation.

So, whadduyya think?
Bagi I, office ni memang nampak cosy gila. Dah la all-white. Macam Korean home pulak. Most of my G.R.E.A.T friends, macam what yall ni. hehe...Maybe because the employee dalam ni semuanya muda-muda, and my boss pon just 3o something. So, ikut style Gen-Y laa..:D.

Enough with all these environment thingy. Tomorrow will be my real 1st job, since this week we have no task lagi. So by next week, Kerja..Kerja..Kerja.... Just have some ideas to share with 'em in my mind now.


Bestnye nak mulakan CAREER!!!!!