Thursday, January 13, 2011

Officially 24th.

It's January again and am jumping to another phase of my life.
I am 24TH this year!!!

Thanks for all the wishes, FRIENDS!

Thanks for the cake, family! Sangat lazat.

The time *dirty bit!* passes so quickly and am growing mature. The past year has thought me a lot of things in life.Whether it is good or the other way round,all things pass - I must go on.

Before the 16th, me already got my birthday "prezzie" this month. Haha..

Johnson Baby Lotion. I was chosen among thousand of people/fan as a tester for this product via it's Facebook fan page. OMG I don't give my review yet!

This new lotion form Baby Johnson, is really moisture my body. I put it in my car, so whenever I feel dry and not comfortable, I'll will use it. Besides, my working environment (air-cond) makes my skin harsh and dry especially on my elbow and knee. It's really irritate to look your skin turn like elephant's skin. Using my new lotion now, my skin feel very moisture throughout the day. And the elbow and knee become more and more softer. <--consider that as my review. :)

Thanks Johnson Baby!

Nokia Bluetooth Headset BH-108, with the Nokia Charger. Got it for entering Nokia Win Big Contest. I am the first 2000 registrations yaww. Hope I'll win the contest. Dapat TV Plasma pun jadi la..kan? :P

Tiba-tiba dapat called from Sunway Hotel. Telling me that my phone number was chosen to receive a complimentary stay at any of their hotel in Malaysia. I don't receive the voucher yet. So am not sure if this is true or not. If this is real, then memang gila khinzir (my sis kata) la!

Ada lagi nak bagi saya hadiah? (diam)

Okay, takpe. (O_O)
Sebab my mum also got special prezzie for. Even my mum said ia tak seberapa. But, It is SEBERAPA-SEBERAPA to me!. Such a nice anklet. Thank you mum! You're the best!

Dan tolong ignore those kaki yang berurat tu.

I am not waiting for a new year to start my new resolution, but I make My Birthday as a 'pit stop' for all of it. Trust me, It's A LOT! But I will reveal pieces of it.

Familia Feliz:
Semoga hidup lebih bahagia with family. My mum, My bro and sis in law with their 3 kids - Dada,Aisy & Ash, my sis and future bro in law. God bless us! My abah, always miss you.
I don't know why, but nowadays I always wanted to be back to my hometown, Melaka every week (if i could). To be around with family is the best things happen in my life. I am so thankful to have this kind of family. And I believe my homecoming got a little bit connected with those kids. They are just too adorable kids!

Prosperous life:
Okay I love McD Prosperity Burger-Beef.

It's not bout that. I want to live in prosperous life.That's it. That's what all the people in this world ever wanted, what I wish for. It's not like to live in having a Lamborghini for a ride,well build penthouse, riding horses to go around the mansion,or fly to Paris when gets bored, things..

I remember when I was a kid, my late father always said that I look like big boss and i'll be a boss like him someday. He will act like a chinese dukun, and tell me I'll be rich lady, the 'K' (means Kaya) lines on my palm and all.heh
Dulu-dulu,I love to sit at my father's chair at his office and play bosses. So my bossy-ness memang dah well-trained dari kecil. haha~.
Ohhh syahdu plok!.I don't have to think about my future if you are here,abah. :)

For now, I just hope to live in moderate life. A moderate lifestyle where I can't stand on my own feet. Kalau tak mewah pun, hidup senang pun oklah. :)

harap ini tidak melampau.hope he's not reading this.

Guys macam teeet*!

What I want to portray here is I like this guy personality and his attitude.

I know I am not soooo lenglui enough to approach/wonder such good looking guys. But I did have my own interest in certain qualities of guys. Gentlemen, diligent man, kewl, nice smile, sopan, kemas and all. I am not a choosy person, but now I know what type of men actually I am looking for.. theehehee *pray untuk J versi Melayu* LOL.Dem.Sukati jek. ok. TADELAH!

Since my life added 1 more year, I think it's time now to find my own gentlemen. Lagipun, my family & girlfriends semua dah bising suruh I find one. Nak buat cane, dah semua guys tak nak.LOL ;P

and the the top question+wishes I received this year besides Happy Birthday. "Bila nak ada boyfriend?"

uhhhh tidaaaaaaaaaakk~

24 hoccay...24! bukan 28~ ....eee

-pissed off-

Good 2011 journey:
I hope my 2011 journey will be as smooth as when I was in a Kindergarten (-_-).Ups. Kids never have a boring life, enjoy and nothing to be care or responsible about. No need to worry about 'how' and 'why'. Semua pun boley (sambil lidah terkeluar macam Remy Ishak versi bangla - Kenapa remy? Kenape!)

Tak mungkin, kan.

As mentioned above, to have a moderate and being thankful to God for what I have. I hope everything will go well and blessed, as I don't plan how my life would become.

me yang dah dewasa. :D
Pasni cepat2 nak upload di fesbuk :P

If Darwisy dah leh cakap, dia mesti kata "Aunty Nor pembuli kanak-kanak!" wahahaha~

HAHAHA Gotcha!! Budak Kecik! Tula, sape suruh senyum camtu. Kan aunty dah upload~


Wednesday, January 05, 2011

Don't confuse facts with reality.

Should me own a tumblr, now?