Sunday, March 20, 2011


Wondering how love song these day is beyond revolution.
Bombastic metaphor makes this song sounds so brilliant to me.


Thursday, March 17, 2011

Stereo Love.

I can fix all those lies
Oh baby, baby I run, but I'm running to you
You won't see me cry, I'm hiding inside
My heart is in pain but I'm smiling for you

Nah. I don't dig the video.
It's a good song I must say.
I like the sounds of accordion. It's really catchy and makes me wanna 'La, La, La' when am hear it.
and starts a little move too.

that's it.

Thursday, March 03, 2011

For a record.

I just want to make a lil note, so soon in the future I'll found this as a part of my history life. You know, bila orang nanti tanya 'what is your biggest achievement in life?' me boleh jawab kan "me banyak menang contest..." (sambil buat muka 'so what') and bermacam-macam to spice it up. Beli magazines for 5 to 10 bucks, and suddenly you won something that cost about triple the price of the mags...wouldn't it be worth your cents?!
*bebel bla bla bla*

Oklah, to be honest. Memang hobi I masuk contest. (-_-').
Small contest to be exact.
Tak suka nak masuk yang berjuta2 punya contest sebab biasannya contest2 macam ini needs a lot of your 'energy'. Like, they need to have this and that. Berapa juta tin nak minum baru nak menang moto?(adeyh!) But I agreed, it's all depend on your luck. Like, throwing a dice. You never know which number you gonna get. and how it can make you a winner.

Here a real story.
What more can make Adnoorlen Abu be more happier than receiving a gift!
Yes Yesh Yaw, I've won Lakme product worth of RM111!! YAY!

nice packaging rite?

I will be real busy this two weeks regardless my sister's wedding and all. and I have to go back to hometown every week to settle things. and more. and more. I have no other choice than skipping my lunchie hour (working days) to go and grab my prize.

So I went to ACP Magazines at lunch hour today. before lunch hour actually. I rushed there. I drove like craze (as owez). I sesat. Yes, I lost my way. I don't know why I feel so attached dengan Tropicana Mall. I always sesat kat area tu. Padahal, uptown tu depan jalan mall tu aje. And have to make a Uturn, twice! and the traffic was - HELL JAMMED.

Luckily, I arrived before 1pm. So I managed to get my thang and tapao some Subway before heading back to office sambil tersenyum. Gembira. Sorang-sorang.

Anyway, this time I won a contest from Cosmopolitan. January Issue. Thanks Cosmopolitan for picked my form up. hehe...

and it only cost me RM5.50 a piece. :)