Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Datinisme. Thanks God me still remember my blog's name!

oh hello bloggy!
Ever since am very busy with my future life now, commitment to work (poyo sangat) and all.
Me just forget, how my life been attached so much with Datinisme before.
Datinisme just a part of my side story, the place for me to 'curhat' a bit. ber-monologue sometimes.
Am more on tweet right now. My twitter has been my tiny online diary. So, all those stupid lil-things-no-one-wants-to-know-about been typing there.
Should me be call a betrayal? Nah!

How was my journey, then?

I've changed my direction. Some might say it is such not a good decision to make. But i just did. Thought that was a definite things to do. Quitting job. My so called dream job. Public Relation cum Marketing Executive. Trust me, It's not easy. Felt like am letting myself to die. an ultimatum. I should strike to the end. But am just ain't that though enough.

Maybe I have to start from the bottom. To 'feel' and 'read' how the mature world could be. I believe life is just like a roller-coaster. And am ready to start it all over again. Ready to take the passing baton.

Alhamdulillah. Thanks to God for what I have now. My beloved family - always there for me. My supportive fellow friends, they help me a lot. I am happy to have such people in my life. God blessed to all these great people in my life. Am not a good servant to YOU, but am really hope that YOU would listen.

After 3 weeks, I obtained my new job. With a new environment. Am kinda love the 'peace' that i have so far. Am not expecting more. I try to love the job. I need to absorb the positive vibes instead of giving up. Yet, I still look up for opportunities. Hoping that my luck is forever magnetized surounded me.

hmmm...... :)

ok lah. am off for tonite.
haayyyy, James Morisson ni bising lah! *click repeat button*
heeee..... ;P