Tuesday, April 24, 2012

La Senza. Tupperware.

This evening my colleague asked me if i have a blog to follow and vice versa. Am thinking of my DATINISME, hey! Am not yet updating about my current achievement here..LOL that's so lame!

Well, there was one lovely sunny day at work (crossing fingers). My colleague, Hana was busy did something noisy plus annoying sounds with her Ipad. Me and Mag (the other colleague,of course) wondered whats with the sounds. Then she told me this, hey let's play this game La Senza- Get In Our Drawers contest. Thats sound so interesting to us and why don't we try. So the game was easy. You just have to collect the dropping undies (yes people, UNDIES) the more you collect, the higher chances of winning. So we tried.


My luck i guess. Am shortlisted as one of the winner for the contest! Tadaaaaaaaaaa......!!!Am won La Senza Prestige VIP card!

This card entitled me to get 10% discount of my purchase at La Senza :)
What more I can tell, of course am so happy. Even people can get it for RM30.. but me can get it for free. Hee...

Oh, Did i blog about my winning for Tupperware contest? Hahaha.... Yes, i did won the Tupperware contest in Facebook. A set of Tupperware worth of RM100....nicey hey!My mom so proud as am supporting her 'Tupperware' stuff. And i can collect mine too. Cool huh.

See that my Tupperware. With Dada -_-'